Elementary School Assemblies

This school year Carranza Puppets presents a different classic story from children's literature Cinderella. This marionette play for elementary schools is educational, as well as entertaining. Bruno Bettelheim, in his book, The Uses of Enchantment, says: “No other fairy tale renders so well as the “Cinderella” stories the inner experiences of the young child in the throes of sibling rivalry, when he feels hopelessly outclassed by his brothers and sisters. Cinderella is pushed down and degraded by her stepsisters; her interests are scarified to theirs by her (step)mother; she is expected to do the dirtiest work and although she performs it well, she receives no credit for it; only more is demanded of her. This is how the child feels when devastated by the miseries of sibling rivalry.”

Extensive research is done prior to a Carranza Puppets production to assure authenticity to the tradition of the story, including such things as: national origin of the story, period costumes, furniture styles, and more. This assures you of a presentation which is true to its origin and time period.

As with all Carranza Puppets productions, Cinderella is suitable for Pre-K through Fifth Grade. The program lasts approximately 50 minutes, and yes, Pre-K can certainly be entertained for that length of time, and will thoroughly enjoy it, as will the adults and older children. The recommended Audience size is 300-350 students per program.

Grants from the Texas Commission on the Arts are available for this production of 30-50% of the performance fees. Learn how to apply for TCA grant.

2016-2017 Assembly Program

"Cinderella" is the most classic of the fairy tales and is rich in romance and tradition. This story helps children deal with their inner experiences in the throes of sibling rivalry, especially when they tend to feel pushed down and degraded....
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