Holiday Shows

IN with the happy, OUT with the scary! This is a fun marionette variety show with lots of music and pleasant surprises! Everything from a One-Eyed Purple People Eater to dancing pumpkins will entrance the children and bring squeals of delight.

Follow Santa Claus and see what it is like to be the Jolly Old Gentleman! See him fly through the sky with Rudolph and his reindeer to deliver the toys to the good little children. This original 30 minute hand puppet play will delight the children when Christmas traditions are visited until the satisfying ending of Santa delivering the toys.

The toys are all excited - it's Christmas Eve! Watch the Christmas toys come to life, joyfully ready to greet the children on Christmas day. This 30-minute marionette variety show is a child's delight, featuring Raggedy Ann and Andy, Frosty the Snowman, plus many other characters, culminating with the glorious arrival of Santa Claus himself!

2017-2018 Assembly Program

Carranza Puppets, a Texas Touring Artist, brings children's literature to life. The play has original, fully orchestrated music is in keeping with the literary integrity of this "Arabian Nights" story.
Present this highly regarded program for your children in your school or theater! It holds their attention and makes literature memorable. The literature connections of this program inspires reading in your children that can last a lifetime!
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