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Greater Houston Puppetry Guild

You are invited to share our interest in puppetry by joining the Greater Houston Puppetry Guild. We are puppetry enthusiasts of all descriptions and ages: professionals, beginners, teachers, librarians, puppet makers puppet collectors and people who simply enpuppetry guildjoy puppets!

We come together to share our common interest, to learn from one another, to stimulate broader public interest in puppetry, and to raise the standards of the Art of Puppetry. We hope that you will join us at one of our meetings which are held every two months at various locations around Houston.

Guild Activities include:

  • Attend and perform puppet shows, workshops, films and lectures.
  • Receive our newsletter
  • Exchange puppetry ideas with other enthusiasts.
  • Meet local puppeteers and visitors from around the world.
  • Receive information on puppetry events here and everywhere.
  • Puppetry Festival

Annual Dues

Membership Privileges Cost
One Adult Newsletter & 1 vote $20
Two Adults at one address 1 newsletter and 2 votes $25
Children under 16 1 newsletter and no vote $15
Family (2 adults + child) 1 newsletter and 2 votes $30
Organizations 1 newsletter and 1 vote $30

The Greater Houston Puppetry Guild is interested in you!

Do you perform? Do you teach? Just like to watch? Whatever the case, if you love puppetry, then this is where you need to be! Join the Greater Houston Puppetry Guild today! Just download an application and mail it in.

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2013-2014 Assembly Program

"Beauty and the Beast" is one of the most beloved fairy tales. It was first published in France as a collection of stories by Madame de Villenuve in 1740-1741. "Beauty and the Beast" has been referred to by Iona and Peter Opie in their survey of The Classic Fairy Tales as "the most symbolic of the fairy tales after Cinderella, and the most satisfying."
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